Zen and Zen Stories

  What we call the Zen school is really a conglomeration. It includes the original teaching of the Buddha, which I call First Turning Buddhism, and the spirit of Chinese culture at the time. What we call “Zen meditation” is a method for training the mind that is practiced in First Turning Buddhism and in … More Zen and Zen Stories

Announcement: Two Members Enter the Sangha

Announcement: The Morning Sky Zen Sangha has received two new members, JingShen (John Pendall) and JingDa (Duane Toops).   The Morning Sky Zen Sangha is happy to announce the acceptance of JingShen and JingDa. Mirror of Spirit and Mirror of Attainment They have received Refuge Vows and the Five Precepts During a ceremony performed by … More Announcement: Two Members Enter the Sangha

Old Ikkyu

Sometimes I think about old Ikkyu. A lifetime spent as a Zen renegade. A teacher certified his Enlightenment, but he thought certificates were dumb so he burned it. The consensus at the time was that teachers should be living in temples spending their days talking about how great the sutras are and spending extraordinary amounts of … More Old Ikkyu