TsaoTung Lineage

The Tsaotung School was established by the Tang dynasty monk Dongshan Liangjie in the 9th century.

The school emphasizes  sitting meditation , Silent Illumination, and Self Inquiry techniques.

In ancient times the Linji School was often associated with the wealthy upper class and the Tsaotong School was often associated with regular people, farmers and workers.

In 826 Korean Seon Master Doui, a student of Sixth Ancestor of Ch’an Huineng, brought Chan/Seon (Korean Zen)to Korea and founded the “Nine Mountain Seon Monasteries” which adopted the name Jogye order.

In 1227 Dōgen Zenji, a former Tendai student, studied Tsaodong Buddhism and returned to Japan establish the Sōtō school.